Top 6 Reasons Why Nice Guys Lose To Bad Guys In Scoring Girls

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If you are a nice guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend and often wonders why only bad boys get to lure a girl, then you have landed on the right page. This short guide by will introduce you to “Why girls are attracted towards bad guys” so that nice guys know that where they lack and how they can overcome this dilemma to impress a girl.

1. Boldness

bold man

Ability to express yourself confidently and leave no stone unturned to convey your message adequately is always beneficial as it leaves no room for any confusion.

The same way, if a guy is bold, he will be able to approach a girl and express his feelings about her.

However, not all the nice guys have the guts to do this. Most of them will be afraid even to spare a glance to a girl, let alone walking to her and declaring his love.

2. Expenses


If a guy has fallen for a girl, then he will need to take her out on a date, shop for her, buy her gifts, etc.

All these demand money. A nice guy, if he does not come from an affluent family, might not be able to spend enough on a girl which might leave her a bit discontent if she is into all this.

However, if the situation involves a bad guy and he needs to spend on a girl, he would go to any limit to arrange the required money and spend it on his girlfriend.

3. Show Off

Show Off

Well, show off doesn’t only mean flaunting shiny and expensive garments, but it is also concerned with reflecting high and might air.

It is pretty apparent that girls would go after the guy who has appealing clothes on and who pretends to be an essential asset of the people he often hangs around with. But, this trait is likely to be missing in most of the good guys.

Mostly, good guys tend to put on simple and sober clothes which is always one of the factors that they fail to lure a girl.

4. Daring


It is very important for a girl to be with a guy and feel safe. If we are talking about a bad guy, then there is every reason to believe that he will be a daring one whether it is in a positive manner or a negative one.

This particular trait in a man ensures the girl that she is in safe hands. Nice guys may not exhibit the bravery needed to make a girl feel safe and sound.

5. Attitude


Attitude is one of those factors that determine how readily you affect and convince the people around you.

A right attitude will land you in the right place while a wrong attitude is likely to land you in an unpleasant situation.

Not all the bad guys have the right attitude, but the trait of taking everything with a frivolous attitude makes all the difference.

6. Satisfaction


Here, satisfaction is not about any about any monetary aspect; here, it is related to physical pleasure.

A bad guy will not hesitate to approach a girl in any manner especially expressing his love and kindling the buried amorous feelings.

He won’t seek her nod to answer the sexual urges of both. Nice guys might not be able to satisfy a girl this way without taking time.

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