7 Most Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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New year’s eve is that time of the year when people just love to come out of their shell and spend the time with near and dear ones in funny ways. Fun is in the air and the best way to enjoy the time is to throw a party and make it a fun with fun party ideas. These fun new year’s eve party ideas can help you throw a party that you and your guests will reminisce about in the year to come.

1. Retro party

Retro party

How about a party with a complete retro makeover! Get yourself back in the 80s or in the 70s with all the dresses and accessories. Get a retro playlist, put the liquor in a punch bowl, and enjoy a throwback to the 80s era.

2. A snowball dance

A snowball dance

Snowball dance was the perfect end to the second season of Stranger Things. Turning your home into the winter wonderland with all the ingredients of the snowball-dance-in-the-finale can be a perfect way to end the year too. You and your friends can get a makeover in line with the Hawkins group, play Stranger Things playlist and decorate your home with the help of some snowball decoration ideas from the internet.

3. A find your fortune party

Magic ball 8
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A new year beckons a new beginning. A find-your-fortune party can be a great idea to celebrate it. Let your guests find out what is in store for them in the New Year. It can really be a funny way to end the year. Place some Magic 8 Balls on tables and take a print out of horoscopes for 2018, zodiac sign wise, and put them in a binder. Guests need to flip through the binder and see what is in store for them in 2018. It can be real fun.

4. New years resolution guessing game

An adult-only New Year Eve party game can give your guests a scope to spell out their New Year’s resolutions. But there is a trick; each of you needs to play a game of guessing to see who is making what resolution. Make some slips of paper and ask your guests to fill them up with their New Year’s resolution. Collect all the slips in a basket and let the guests guess who has filled up which slip.

5. Loaded question by dating divas

Loaded question by dating divas

This can really be a hilarious game for an adult couple party. The game takes its cue from the popular board game Adult Loaded Questions. It basically seeks to know how well you know your partner. You can write down a bunch of questions on slips of paper.

6. Two resolutions and a lie

Two resolutions and a lie

This can be the ultimate game that will nudge your guests to come out of their shell and have a funny beginning to the New Year. Everybody will tell two resolutions and a lie. Each of you has to find out the lies and resolutions of the other.

7. Throw one black and white ball

Throw one black and white ball

Want to indulge in something fancy indoors? You can host a White and Black ball. If you want to go one up above the ordinary, tell everyone to dress in a black-tie attire. You can really make it a glamorous event. Keep the dance floor clear and let the music go soft with some free-flowing champagne. Your guests will really enjoy the evening.

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