6 Most Common Issues That Prevent You From Finding Your Soulmate

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Wondering when your soulmate will come into your life? You’re not alone. Many singles find themselves hopelessly swiping through dating apps hoping to find their forever partner. However, there may be more to your struggle to find a soulmate than you initially realize.

What’s Keeping Your Soulmate Away?

While most people don’t want to believe that they are the reason their relationships aren’t working, this is likely the case. Regardless of how good of a person you may be, there may be certain traits that you have that will ultimately keep your soulmate away. Keep reading to find out why you’re having a hard time finding your soulmate.

1. You’re Emotionally Numb

You're Emotionally Numb

If you’ve been through heartbreak before, you may have learned to close your emotions off as a coping mechanism. This kind of apathy makes it difficult to be empathic or excited because you’ve been avoiding trust and intimacy for so long. This kind of trauma, though seemingly none existent, can spell trouble for anyone on the hunt for love.

2. Compartmentalizing is Second Nature for You


Compartmentalizing is something many people do as second nature. Often, they categorize people according to type or zone. While this may not seem like a bad thing initially, it may be preventing you from recognizing a potentially perfect partner just because they don’t meet your preconceived notion of a “soulmate”.

3. You Turn to Rejection as a Way to Cope

Many people that have has a series of bad breakups don’t want to risk feeling that way again. Instead of ending up in the same place, they turn to rejection as a way to control the outcome of every future relationship. However, this method for coping only prevents one from building the long-lasting relationship they’ve been looking for.

4. Lying is One of Your Favorite Pastimes

You may not recognize your untruths or exaggerations as lies, but that is essentially what they are. If you find that you are constantly telling untruths in order to get someone to like you, this is another way that you may be driving others away. Instead of exaggerating about your profession or hiding your love of www.torontoescorts.mobi, be honest with your potential partner about yourself.

5. You Love Yourself a Little Too Much

Love Yourself

A narcissist may never view themselves as such, but the truth is that if an individual truly is a narcissist, they will find it difficult to make a genuine connection. A healthy relationship is about caring for both partners, rather than one person just looking out for themselves.

6. Negative Self-Talk is a Constant Habit


Most people experience negative self-talk, but it’s important to make sure it isn’t a habit. When people regularly self-deprecate, it takes a toll on their interactions with others, in addition to their self-esteem.

Your soulmate is out there, so make sure you aren’t driving them away. Let these six tips help you turn your love life around and find the partner of your dreams.

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