6 Disturbing Signs Your Sex Life is Going Stale

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It’s easy for most couples to be open with each other about having an amazing sex life, but when things are going stale, many couples find the subject hard to tackle. When a couple is experiencing issues with intimacy, a stale sex life can quickly lead to the decline of the relationship.

Taking a Closer Look Into Your Sex Life

Not finding sexual fulfillment in a relationship or casual partnership can be caused by several things. Wondering if there’s more going on with the lull in your sex life? Read on or six ways to tell if you have a stale sex life.

1. Sex is Always Initiated by the Same Person

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If you’re part of a healthy relationship, you’ll find that you and your partner both initiate sex. When one person is always initiating sex, it’s easy for that person to grow resentful, particularly if they’re experiencing rejection. When both partners are able to establish a balance, both people will feel equally desired.

2. Both Partners Don’t Talk About What They Want

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A failure to communicate your wants and needs in the bedroom is a clear sign that your sex life is going stale. If you want to spice up your sex life, follow the rules. It’s impossible for your partner to automatically know what you like and don’t like, so it’s important to be open. If your partner isn’t open to discussing these needs, this is a sign they are more focused on their own pleasure with no regard to yours.

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3. Your Sex Has Fallen Into a Rut


When couples find out what works and what doesn’t, it makes sense to keep doing the same thing. However, repeating the same type of sex is a guaranteed way to make your sex life boring. By making it a point to try new things in the bedroom, you’ll be able to add some spice to your sex life and keep things interesting.

4. Both Partners are Quiet After Sex

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Sex is intended to bring two people closer together. If both partners are quiet and feeling distant after sex, there is a clear disconnect happening. Make it a point to address any feelings or issues you are experiencing in order to relieve any tension and bring you both closer together.

5. You Want Something Different From Sex

People have sex for different reasons. Whether you’re in a relationship or a more casual situation, you’ll find that sometimes your partner is searching for an emotional connection while other times they are just hoping to blow off some steam. If both parties are not on the same page, it can lead to unenjoyable sex and a stale sex life over time. To avoid this, both partners should clearly establish their expectations.

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6. You Blame Your Sexual Frustrations on Your Partner

If you’re sexually frustrated, it isn’t fair to put all of the blame on your partner. Blaming the other person for sexually-related issues will only make them feel inadequate and unhappy. It’s best for partners to address this sexual frustration together, rather than playing the blame game.

A great sex life requires excellent communication, openness, mutual respect, and a willingness to work through problems. If you’re experiencing a stale sex life, be sure to consider these six things to help turn your bedroom blues around.

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