5 Ways You Can Check Your Chemistry (Without Him Knowing About It)

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You and your partner get along like a house on fire but is there real chemistry between you is a question to which you would like to know the answers. Sex can be a passing attraction. You outgrow each other. Real chemistry means you form deeper bonds. Does he have it for you or is it all one sided on your part?  Find out. Do so unobtrusively. He need not know about it at all. This is how to do it.

1. Communication

Communication is not necessarily verbal. It can be silent too. You like being with each other. He does not feel uncomfortable. Neither do you. Silence can be golden. When it comes to talking, it is effortless. The conversation just flows. You agree with him. He listens to you. He talks, you listen. And like it. When you talk you exchange confidences. You talk openly about your secrets. Whether you remain silent or talk, you feel oneness with him.

2. Humor

If you two have similar tastes in humor you can be sure chemistry between you is just right. You laugh easily at what he says. So does he when you say or do something. Observe the times when he laughs at your remark and does it spontaneously. He need not even know you are checking him out. Make fun of him. How does he take it? That can tell you a lot about him.

3. Touch

Touch is a form of bonding. You do not feel offended when he touches or hugs you. You take every opportunity to touch him. You two know about touching instinctively. Touches lead to snuggles and you love to snuggle up and be affectionate. This is shared chemistry. There is affection you will recognize. And reciprocate. This is something that your guy (or any other man) may not get from an escort.

4. Sensing your mood

If your man is sensitive about your moods then you know he cares. He can recognize if you are happy or upset and reacts accordingly. Does he sense your mood all the time and react accordingly? You are on the same page if he does. Feel happy. You have found a man who cares for you and is likely to be attentive for a long time.

5. Trying out things together

If the guy is just passing time he will not be willing to try out things with you. Suggest going out to a movie or a restaurant of your choice. If there is no real chemistry he will thoughtlessly turn down your suggestion. If he has something going for you then he will love to act on your suggestion and take pains to please you even if that activity is something he does not dig. Try this out several times just to make sure.

Some couples are lucky. Lightning and thunder strike them both and they know they are soul mates. For some, it takes time. Still, you can try these litmus tests for the chemistry between you.

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